Bike Only Races


 In 2014, we have only 1 Bikes Only Drag Race.  That date is:  Saturday, September 13, 2014!!  


These drag races are open to all motorcycles except those with automobile, marine or aircraft engines.  NO CARS or SNOWMOBILES ALLOWED!!  Come bring your motorcycle to the Rock and race it down the 1/4 mile for just $40.  Time Trials begin at 9 a.m. with eliminations at 1 p.m.  Win 2 rounds of competition and win a trophy.   We will also have a free Consolation Race for those who lose 1st or 2nd round.  Class eliminations will be set by 1/2 second increments.  In other words, if your bike runs 13.23 your class would be 13:00 to 13:50 and so on.  The Consolation Race Eliminations will be run bracket racing style.

Full face helmet (Snell 2005 or newer) (Snell 2000, Snell 95 and K98 Helmets are no longer acceptable), long pants (no nylon), shoes above the ankle, leather jacket and leather gloves required.  Bikes exceeding 120 mph in the 1/4 mile must have full leathers.  Cycles running an E.T. of 10.99 or quicker must have a tether or positive ignition cutoff switch attached to the rider with a lanyard.  OEM permitted in place of lanyard.  Switch must be on low-voltage side of the ignition circuit.  Many stock machines are equipped with a handlebar-mounted thumb switch that can have a lanyard easily attached for the above purpose.  (If you think your bike might qualify to run this fast, plan ahead and be prepared and equipped.)  Bikes running an E.T. of 9.99 or quicker must follow NHRA rules.  No scooters or mopeds allowed.  Minors must also have a Minor Release signed by parents in order to race.  Call the office at (715) 858-0170 to request one or email  No faxed Releases are acceptable, only originals. 

FYI -- The Snell 2000 Helmets will EXPIRED on 12/31/11.  These helmets are no longer be acceptable for racing any motorcycles, any snowmobiles or automobiles (that run 13.99 or quicker) as of 1/1/2012.  Please plan accordingly if you have a Snell 2000 helmet as you will need to replace prior to any drag racing activity at Rock Falls Raceway or any other NHRA sanctioned race track.  Thanks. 

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Jennifer at the above number or email.  Further rules or details may follow as the races get closer.




Last Updated 3/6/2014.