Date: May 22nd, 2013

As everyone knows, a deadly tornado touched down in Moore, OK earlier this week and destroyed homes, businesses and most tragically took lives, including those of small school children.  Our hearts as well as prayers go out to all of those families and people effected by this horrific tornado.
Our main sponsor of the Rock Falls Raceway July 27-28, $5K/$2K Big Dollar Bracket Bash, 101 Transport, Inc., has teamed up with Rainbow Foods & KDWB (101.3 FM) out of the Twin Cities to help with relief efforts for the residents of Moore, OK.
They are asking for everyone's help in these efforts.  If you can help, please do so.  Here are the details and a link to the KDWB website for further info.
101.3 KDWB along with Rainbow Foods and 101 Transport Inc. want to bring relief to those affected by the tornadoes in Moore, OK.

On Wednesday, May 22nd they will be collecting
bottled water at Rainbow Foods located at 1540 New Brighton Rd Minneapolis, MN 55413 from 7 AM -7 PM. (The Quarry location)

Then on Thursday, KDWB's Steve-O & 101 Transport Inc. will bring the semi filled with water to Moore, OK.

Date: Wednesday, May 22nd
Time: 7 A.M. to 7 P.M.
Location: Rainbow Foods, 1540 New Brighton Rd, Minneapolis, MN 55413
How you can help: Donate bottled water and help KDWB fill the semi to bring to Moore, OK!

AND Roundy's corporation, Rainbow's parent company, is donating a truck of water to the Oklahoma City area so please come in and fill the KDWB semi to add to the total!

Help support our sponsor 101 Transport, Inc. by attending the Drag Races at Rock Falls Raceway the weekend of July 27th & 28th - more info

Can't make it out to KDWB's H2OK? Find out other ways you can donate

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Thank you.
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