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This page contains rules and information that should help to explain specific rules of drag racing.  As a general rule, RFR follows the NHRA Rulebook, with a very few exceptions.  If you have a specific question or comment about the rules, please contact us at 715-226-8552.


2020 Pit Vehicle Registration Form
NHRA Competition Licensing Forms Link

COVID Waiver

Waiver Form (MUST be PRINTED out in COLOR)
Minor Release Form (MUST be PRINTED out in COLOR)
NHRA Jr. Dragster Licensing Forms (MUST be PRINTED out in COLOR)

NHRA Jr. Street Licensing Forms (MUST be PRINTED out in COLOR)

2020 NHRA Rulebook
2020 Jr. Street Rules
Jr. Drag Racing League - NHRA Link
2020 Jr. Dragster NHRA Rulebook

2020 Jr. Dragster Rulebook Amendments

General Rules

1. Alcohol consumption by participating drivers is STRICTLY PROHIBITED -- If caught you will be disqualified from the race!

2. No alcohol is allowed in staging lanes or starting line area.

3. No glass bottles are allowed on track premises.

4. The speed limit in pit area and return road is 10 m.p.h. -- Watch for children, Jr.  Dragsters and Pets.

5. No skateboards or roller blades are allowed in pit area.

6. 4-wheelers, mopeds and bicycles are to be used for race support only.  HOWEVER ALL MOTORIZED PIT VEHICLES MUST BE REGISTERED IN THE PIT VEHICLE REGISTRATION PROGRAM.  CLICK HERE for 2020 Pit Vehicle Registration Form (MUST BE PRINTED OUT IN FULL COLOR - Black/White not acceptable as the form contains important information in red!!)  Forms can also be obtained at the track.  Cost of the Pit Vehicle Registration is $10 for the year and the registration sticker is good at ALL NHRA Division 5 and 1 Race Tracks.  All Division 5 tracks require this registration. NO JOY RIDING or horsing around is allowed.

7.  Children under the age of 16 (and w/o a valid driver's license) are NOT allowed to operate any motorized vehicle. This includes 4-wheelers, go-carts, scooters and mopeds.


Race Procedures

  • All eliminators entered will be given a maximum of three (3) time trial sessions or qualifying runs.  The number of time trials may, however, vary from time to time based on weather or other special circumstances. 

  • Time trials will be run by eliminator, out of their designated lanes.

  • No driver may change vehicles once eliminations have begun.

  • A driver may change vehicles before eliminations have begun, as long as the vehicle is not entered in the same class.

  • Reaction times and intermediate times are given as a courtesy to the driver and no races will be re-run over disputed times.

  • A driver's dial-in must be on the vehicle for all racers, track personnel and spectators to see.  The dial-in must be on the vehicle by the time he/she leaves the line in the front of each particular staging lane.  The dial-in CANNOT be changed after a driver crosses this line.

It is the sole responsibility of the driver to check his or her dial-in before pre-staging.  If you pre-stage your vehicle, you are accepting the dial-in on the board (right or wrong).  AutoStart is used at Rock Falls Raceway and once one car has pre-staged and the other car has staged, the countdown for AutoStart is on and the second vehicle has 10 seconds within which to stage.  If the 2nd driver does not stage within this 10 second time frame, the 2nd driver will be TIMED OUT!!!  No re-runs will be made if this occurs.  Once both cars have pre-staged, it is a race!!

*Effective April of 2017 Rock Falls Raceway uses Tru-Start for all classes except Jr Dragster!  What Tru-Start means is this:  If BOTH drivers leave the starting line and are BOTH red, the WORST red light loses NOT necessarily the first driver who went red!!


Point Series Rules

  • Enrollment for the 2020 Gold Rush Point Series should be done prior to your competing in your 1st bracket race of the season.  All RFR Members must have a NHRA competition number or a Rock Falls Raceway permanent number in order to earn points. Membership is just $35 for the year.

  • Drivers in all classes are advised to purchase a NHRA competition number and NHRA membership. If a driver chooses not to purchase a NHRA number, Rock Falls Raceway will assign you a permanent number once you have purchased your RFR membership.

  • A driver's points are earned according to the number displayed on the vehicle. Should a driver change vehicles during the season, his or her permanent number must be on the vehicle.

  • All numbers and dial-ins are to be displayed on the driver’s side of the vehicle. The numbers have to be dark and legible for the tower crew.  Prior to pre-staging your vehicle, it is the responsibility of the driver to make a final check of his/her dial-in displayed on the scoreboard.  If it is incorrect, the driver must get the attention of the starter or starting line official and indicate to them a wrong dial-in -- DO NOT PRE-STAGE!!  Tower personnel are NOT responsible for a wrong dial-in and NO re-run will be given.  

  • Points will be given in all eliminators including Super Pro, Sportsman, King of the Hill and Street Eliminator at all 11 Bracket Race events.  Points are not given to these classes at Fun Races.   The year end points total will be based on your best 8 of 11 races.

  • A driver may not drive more than 1 car in the same eliminator.

  • Points will be awarded to the driver and may not be transferred, even if the driver changes eliminator.

  • The 2020 points season will begin April 26 and end October 4, 2020.


E.T. Finals

Only racers who have a Rock Falls Raceway membership and are part of the Gold Rush Points Program will be eligible to attend the E.T. Finals in Topeka, KS on September 18-20.  Each racetrack may take a team consisting of 36 racers (including bikes) plus 4 high school racers. High School Racers will count for points for the Team. Team RFR will be chosen according to your ranking in points by combining the classes, and of course, if you have signed up and want to go. Points (for the E.T. Finals only) will be tallied until the last race in August (August 23) and the team will then be chosen from there. 

Being held at the ET Finals in Topeka, KS on September 18-20, 2020, is also the Race of Champions.  Each track can take a total of 5 Race of Champions Representatives.  One for each of the following classes:  Super Pro, Motorcycle/Sled, Pro ET, Sportsman and High School.  These Race of Champion Representatives will be determined by the highest points in each of these classes.  If for any reason, the racer with the highest points cannot go, the racer that is 2nd highest in points will be next in line for that position.  The Race of Champions Representatives will be determined after the September 13, 2020 Bracket Race. 



ALL vehicles running 9.99 or quicker or 135+mph will be required to have a NHRA accepted Engine Diaper or Lower Engine Oil Containment Device. 

Effective 1/1/17 the Snell 2005 helmet expired and is no longer valid for use in drag racing for anyone who runs 13.99 or quicker in the 1/4 mile. There are a lot of these helmets around so please check yours and tell your friends to check theirs because they have expired and will no be able to be used for anyone who will be running 13.99 or quicker in the 1/4 mile. Thanks.  Again, please be advised that the following 4 helmets: Snell 2005, Snell 2000, Snell K98 and Snell 95 helmets are no longer valid for use in drag racing IF you run quicker than 14.00 in the 1/4 mile.   Acceptable helmets are the Snell 2010 and Snell 2015.  Please also remind your fellow racers to check their helmets as well!!   THANKS!!


More Information is Always Being Added, So Please Check Back!!

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