Bracket Races

Bracket Race Times:
Gates Open: 8 a.m.
Time Trials: 9:30 a.m.
Eliminations around 12:00 p.m. Noon

ALL VEHICLES MUST GO THROUGH TECH INSPECTION prior to making any passes down the Track. 
NHRA Rules Apply.  

Race for $2000 to Win in Super Pro or Pro ET ($80 Entry Fee + Armband)

CONTINUING WITH INCREASED PAYOUT FOR 2020!! Super Pro & Pro ET Winners Run off for Winner & R/U Money. (The runners-up in Super Pro & Pro ET classes are considered Semi-Finalists.)

Winner: $2,000
R/U: $ 900
Semis: $ 375
6th Rd Loss*: $ 225
5th Rd Loss*: $ 150
4th Rd Loss: $ 75
3rd Rd Loss: $ 50
*If Needed

Gambler Races
High Noon (Vehicles w/ Electronics) & No Gizmo (Vehicles w/o Electronics) Gambler ($50 Cash Entry for Each)
Both Gambler Race Entry Fees are $50 each.  In order to start our regular program on time, the final money rounds of the gamblers races will be delayed until the end of the day.  80% payback.  IF the car count is down, we may opt to combine the Box & No Box Gamblers Races as necessary to provide a better payout for the racers!!
We have Consolation Races called Last Chance Eliminator (for Trophy Cars - $10/Entry) and Guts Gambler (for Money Cars - $20/Entry) for those vehicles that lose 1st or 2nd round of regular eliminations.

Race for Trophies ($30 Entry Fee + Armband)
King of the Hill (9.00 to 13.99) or Street Eliminator - Sponsored by K&R Racing (11.50 and slower), Sport Compacts and Trophy Street Bike Trophy Classes – Win 2 rounds, Win a Trophy!!
Also Last Chance Eliminator - $10 Entry (Pays $50/Win, $25/RU & final 4 get trophies)!!

Street Eliminator Rules:
NO Trans Brakes are Allowed!!
NO 2-Steps are Allowed!!
NO Slicks are Allowed (Drag Radials are acceptable but ALL rear tires MUST be DOT Approved for driving on the Street!!)  Remember
EVERYONE who Races needs a helmet but those who run 13.99 or quicker MUST have a Snell 2010 or newer helmet!!  We have some helmets available for rent.  Cost is $10/Day & we will keep you Driver's License until you return the helmet.

$15 Per Day/Adults (13 & Older)
$13 Per Day/Seniors
$10 Per Day/Students (8-12)
Kids 7 & Under are FREE



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