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Continuing as our Jr. Dragster Sponsor for the 2020 Season is Caspers Auto Repair from Maple Grove, MN.  Much Thanks to Gary Casper for his support of our Jr. Drag Racing program here at Rock Falls Raceway!!

We have a great season of Jr. Dragster Racing at Rock Falls Raceway in 2020.  Our Jr. Dragster Points Series features 10 events.

Remaining Points Races Schedule

August 22

September 12

The NHRA Jr. Drag Racing League Challenge will take place on Saturday,  August 8, 2020.

We will also be holding the Wisconsin State Championship Race on Saturday, July 25, 2020.  (Rain Date:  Sunday, July 26)  All Winners on these days will receive a special trophy!

IMPORTANT NOTE:  ALL Jr Dragster Participants/Drivers MUST have on file with Rock Falls Raceway a Minor Release either NOTARIZED and signed by both parents or BOTH parents must attend the 1st Jr event and their signatures witnessed on the Release by the Track Manager!!

CONTINUING for 2020:  1 Jr. Class (ALL RUN) & Jr. Dragster Testing  (All ages (8 to 17) will run together.)

If you are a Jr. Dragster and need to do some testing or need to license, you will continue to have the opportunity to do that at Rock Falls Raceway.  Here's how it works.

Jr. Dragster Testing or Licensing is available on any of the Test Days on our 2020 Race Schedule.

Jr. Dragster Race Fee:  $30 for Car/Driver

Jr. Dragster Test Fee:  $30 for Car/Driver

Crew:  $15/day 

Students (8-12): $10/day

Seniors:  $13/day

You will be provided with the opportunity to make at least 3 passes down the track during this testing session.  These passes will take place on the hour, every hour, starting at 12:00 p.m. Noon, again at 1 p.m. and finally at 2 p.m.  The first qualifying session will then take place at 2:45 p.m. and the remainder of the schedule is listed below.  You must be in the lanes and ready to go at the specified times.  No late arrivals will be given special treatment.  If you are not ready to go at the time that we make the guaranteed test passes, you will forfeit that run.  

All but 2 Jr. Dragster events will be held on Saturday afternoons before a regular bracket racing event and the dates are as follows:

The Schedule below is for most Saturday Jr. events (EXCEPT on 2-day Race Weekends) is as follows:

Tech Starting Around 2:15 p.m.

1st Time Trial Session - 2:45 p.m.

2nd Time Trial Session - 3:30 p.m.

Eliminations - 4:00 p.m. approx.

In the event that a Jr. Dragster Race scheduled for Saturday is completely rained out (no eliminations take place), the race will be run the following day, on Sunday.  If the Race is rained out DURING a race event (when running for a Special Trophy - Jr Challenge or WI State Challenge), it may be run the next day, Sunday or may be finished at the next scheduled Jr. Dragster Race event, just depends!

The Schedule for all Sunday Jr. events is as follows:

Tech (if you didn't go through on Saturday) Starting Around 8:30 a.m.

Time Trials to follow starting around 9:30 a.m.

Jr. Dragster's 1st Qualifying Session at 10:00 a.m.  Jrs. are the first ones out.  (2 Qualifying Sessions, possibly 3)

Eliminations around 12 noon

Each participant in the Jr. Dragster events will earn points for each round of competition won at each Jr. Dragster race. We will take your best 7 of 9 events towards the Year End Points Chase.  Year end trophies and prizes will be awarded to the top 2 finishers in the Rock Falls Raceway Jr. Dragster Points Series. Points will be assessed as follows: 30 points for entering and 10 points for each round of competition won. To eliminate ties, extra points (5, 3, 1) will be awarded to the race winner, runner-up and semi-finalist(s). A Team Rock Falls Membership is not required for the Jr. Dragster points series.

Please remember that Rock Falls Raceway must have in their possession a Minor Release signed and NOTARIZED by both parents or legal guardians before your child's participation in a Jr. Dragster event. If we do not have a Release signed by both parents or legal guardians on the date of the Jr. Dragster events, your child will not be able to race. The signed Minor Release will be kept on file at the track and will be valid for the 2020 racing season at Rock Falls Raceway. The Minor Release can be obtained by "Clicking Here".  The Minor Release MUST be PRINTED OUT IN COLOR in order for it to be Valid!

Finally, please remember that your child's safety is our #1 concern here at Rock Falls Raceway. We are here to give the kids a safe place to race and have fun so please follow the NHRA Rules and Regulations established for the Jr. Drag Racing League.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at our Jr. Drag Racing events.

Jr. Dragster Rules per NHRA effective for the 2020 Racing Season are as follows!!!

IMPORTANT TECH UPDATES:  Currently, acceptable helmets are the Snell 2010 and Snell 2015.  Jr. Dragsters must use a full-face Snell approved helmet.  Snell 2005 Helmets EXPIRED on 12/31/16 and are no longer valid for use in Jr. Dragster drag racing.  Please also remind your fellow racers to check their helmets as well!!  Thanks.

Head & Neck Restraint:  Beginning June 1, 2020, a head and neck restraint devise/system meeting SFI 38.1 is MANDATORY and must display a valid SFI Label. At all times that the driver is in the race vehicle, from the ready line until the vehicle is on the return road, the driver must properly utilize an SFI 38.1 head and neck restraint device/system, including connecting the helmet as required for full functionality of the device.  The SFI 38.1 head and neck restraint device/system, when connected, must conform to the manufacturer's mounting instructions, and it must be configured, maintained, and used in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.  The head and neck restrain device/system may be used with or without a neck collar.  If the device/system is used without a neck collar, a head sock or skirted helmet is mandatory.


E.T. Limitations:  In events, where fields are set based on a qualified ladder, no racer can qualify quicker than the age requirement allows.  Thus, 6-7 year olds cannot run quicker than 13.900, 8-9 year olds cannot qualify quicker than 11.900; 10-12 year olds 8.900 seconds; and 13-18 year olds restricted to 7.900.

Ignition Shutoff:   All vehicles that compete in the Jr. Dragster Program MUST be equipped with either a NHRA accepted manual kill switch or master cutoff switch.

All magneto ignition systems must use an NHRA-accepted manual kill switch.  A battery ignition system must use a master cutoff switch ("push/pull" type) located in the driver's compartment.  It must be connected to the positive side of the electrical system and must stop all electrical functions.

The manual switch or master cutoff switch is required as a third option to ensure the driver can still shut off the power to the engine and safely control his/her vehicle if a failure occurs with the primary switches on the Jr. Dragster.

This shutoff is mandatory on all Jr. Dragsters beginning January 1, 2006.  No Jr. should make a run at an NHRA member track if it does not have either switch.  Thus far, the tech department has accepted manual kill switches from CSR, JR Race Car, Motivational Tubing and McGee Racing Cam.

Battery Ignition System Accepted in 2006:    In 2006, the NHRA accepted the current magneto ignition system and will also include a battery ignition system as an acceptable ignition system.

The battery ignition system is limited to the MSD Small Engine Ignition kits, Part No. 41500 and 41510.  These are the ONLY accepted units for NHRA competition.  All other battery ignition systems or kits are prohibited.  Any other attachment is prohibited, and ignition and its related components must be utilized in an unaltered manner consistent with the manufacturer's installation and instruction books unless otherwise approved.

To help control the electronic ignition, only two kits have been accepted.  The chart outlines what MSD part numbers can only be used from each of these kits.

Small Engine Hall Effect Kit (41510)      Small Engine Points Kit (415100)

Ignition Unit (4151)                                 Ignition Unit (4150)

Coil (42921)                                            Coil (42921)

Spark Plug Wire (31019)                        Spark Plug Wire (31019)

Birth Certificate Requirement:   All Jr. Drag Racing League participants, must submit a certified birth certificate on all new participant registrations.  Also, all participant renewals must also be submitted with a certified birth certificate.

Each participant will only be required to supply such documentation once, subsequent renewals, if a certified birth certificate is on record, will not be required.  Only original certified documentation will be accepted.  That this is a legal requirement, it must be a certified birth certificate, and copies, facsimiles, or any other forms will not be accepted.

By compiling a certified birth certificate of all Jr. racers competing, this will allow NHRA member tracks and track officials an opportunity and allow NHRA to support the member tracks in that each individual is the age identified to verify the age of any Jr. racer.  These documents will be kept on file at NHRA headquarters until the Jr. driver's time expires.

Chassis Identification:   All new chassis must have a manufacturer's name, serial number and date of manufacture.  This rule does not apply to vehicles that were constructed prior to January 1, 2006.  All chassis constructed prior to this date do not need to carry this tag.  The identification tag will only be used when NHRA needs to determine the manufacturer of a certain chassis and if in the future an SFI Spec is developed for the Jr. Drag Racing League Program.


Wheels Update:   All wheels used in NHRA competition must be constructed from aluminum, billet or steel.  All other materials prohibited.  This applies to Jr. Dragsters, Electric-Powered Jr. Dragsters, and Jr. Comp.  The use of bicycle plastic wheels is prohibited and should not be used on any vehicle during any portion of an event.

Data Recorders:  A data recorder may be used to record only engine rpm, engine temperature, exhaust temperature, and jack-shaft sensor data.  No other parameters may be recorded for review after the run.  This limits what can be recorded and does not allow any mph to be recorded.

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