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9th Annual CTech Manufacturing Badger Classic was one for the record books

At this last weekend’s CTech Manufacturing Badger Classic, history was made in all kinds of places.  Whether it was the amazing show put on by the Midwest Class Racers Stock/Super Stock, Nostalgia Super Stock & Muscle Car, Muscle Car Index, the Midwest Factory Finishes Race of Champions, the Torqstorm True Street class, or the awesome Cruise-In Car Show; the facts are this weekend’s event was spectacular. 

Through the wheelstands and smokey burnouts, victories were claimed by Chris Knudsen (Race of Champions), Jason DeForrest (Saturday Stock/Super Stock), Al Corda (Saturday Nostalgia Super Stock AND Muscle Car Index). Additionally on Saturday, we awarded victors to the TorqStorm True Street Category, featuring a variety of indexes and speeds.  Congrats go out to Ryan Hawkins (Fastest, 8.904), James Ruben (2nd Fastest, 9.115), Eric Bjerketvedt (9.00 Index), Megan Loesch (10.00 Index), Marc Morris (11.00 Index), Darrel Goheen (12.00 Index), Jeff Peterson (13.00 Index), Tiffani BaDuer (14.00 Index), and Mitch Erickson (15.00 Index).

But that’s only a part of the fun! Through the course of the weekend, we raised over $30,000 to raise our three-year total to more than $100,000 of donations to Joshua’s Camp! A heartfelt thank you goes out to every person, racer, and sponsor who participated in the activities.  Through the $20 raffle ticket purchases, we awarded three cash giveaways to John Modl ($5,000), Shawna Anderson ($1,000) and Brandon Mauer ($500).  On Saturday, the CTech Manufacturing drawings awarded a variety of prizes.  If you have not claimed your prize, please reach out to our office to do so.  The winning tickets were #943346, #943459, #943393, #943356, #943415, #943537, #943366, #943445, #943536, #943408, and #943363.

Finally, on Sunday, the final three win lights turned on for Michael Lund (Stock/Super Stock Combo), Russ Berens (Nostalgia Super Stock), and Eric Anderson (Muscle Car Index) after a hard fought battle.


Congratulations to all of those that were a part in this event.  Whether you came out for one day to watch, participated in the car show, donated money through raffle tickets and/or sponsorship, or provided the show on the quarter mile—this year’s CTech Manufacturing was one of the greatest shows in the 55-year history of Rock Falls Raceway.

Recap video provided by Resonance Branding Company!!



Midwest Factory Finishes Race of Champions W: Chris Knudsen ('69 Camaro) 10.376 - 122.67 (10.35 dial) R/U: Brett Speer ('90 Camaro) 10.000 - 124.45 (10.00 dial) Semis: Sam Reuland, Daryl Bureski

Stock/Super Stock W: Jason DeForrest ('05 Cavalier) 8.921 - 139.96 (8.89 dial) R/U: Joe Harry ('69 Camaro) 10.384 - 122.43 (10.37 dial) Semis: Michael Lund

Nostalgia Super Stock W: Al Corda ('62 Dart) 10.266 - 118.47 (10.25 dial) R/U: Doug Duell ('64 Plymouth) 9.191 - 147.78 (9.00 dial) Semis: Tim Frees

Muscle Car Index W: Al Corda ('15 Camaro) 10.021 - 132.48 (10.00 dial) R/U: Eric Anderson ('68 Camaro) 9.985 - 115.12 (10.00 dial) Semis: Doug Mertinke

Stock/Super Stock W: Michael Lund ('88 Camaro) 9.759 - 131.96 (9.74 dial) R/U: Scott Dugdale ('67 Chevelle) 11.053 - 117.95 (11.09 dial) Semis: Brian Anderson

Nostalgia Super Stock W: Russ Berens ('67 Plymouth) 9.669 - 138.16 (9.75 dial) R/U: Tom Hoffman ('63 Plymouth) 10.515 - 125.35 (10.50 dial) Semis: Brad Wendtland

Muscle Car Index W: Eric Anderson ('68 Camaro) 9.988 - 115.05 (10.00 dial) R/U: Brandon Winrich ('00 Truck) 11.461 - 110.32 (11.50 dial) Semis: Shawna Anderson, Jacob Shepard


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