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ET Racing Series Race 3 Results

After a cool and rainy start to the day, the racing action turned up the heat with amazing races across all of the classes in our ET Racing Series.  After the dust settled, victories were claimed by Steve Winter (Super Pro), Mel Knott (Pro ET), Nate Bremer (Bike/Sled), Morgan McDonough (King of the Hill), Alex Schultz (Street Eliminator), Jocelyn Millage (High School), Tyler Burkholder (Jr Street), Ivan Bollig (Jr Advanced), Paetyn Bremer (Jr Intermediate), and Brooklyn Hop (Jr Minor). Be sure to visit with us again at the next ET Racing Series weekend, scheduled for July 12 – 14.  Congratulations to all winners!


In Super Pro, Winter used the motivation from buying back in round 1 to go on an absolute tear.  Consistent reaction times and passes took him past Chad Mifek, Shaun Winrich, Bruce Van  Straten, and Willie Grey for a final round matchup alongside Dusty Winrich.   In the finals, Winter was able to use a starting line advantage to drop the nose and slide into victory lane. 

For Pro ET, it was a battle of grizzled veterans when Mel Knott and Joe Marx lined up alongside each other for the trophy dash and lots of cash.  Knott used a slew of .00 and .01 reactions through eliminations before setting his sights on the winner’s circle.  In the finals, the race was over before it even began when Marx turned on the red light by .012, handing the victory to Mel Knott.

The Bike/Sled category saw Nate Bremer and Jim Remington lined up for the finals.  Both riders dispatched their opponents in the semi finals using stellar reaction times, meaning we were set for a barn burner of a final! In the final round, reaction times were separated by only .02, advantage Bremer, and he was able to take that to the win by a slim .0021 at the finish line stripe.

King of the Hill featured a battle between Chris Kennedy and last year’s Champion Morgan McDonough.  After McDonough turned on the red light first round by .017, a buyback paid off as he went five rounds into the final before taking victory over Kennedy via breakout to add to his title defense.

In the Street Eliminator final, it was a classic Minnesota vs Wisconsin battle between Alex Schultz and Brandon Crownhart.  Both of these drivers were able to advance to the final after utilizing a buyback from red lights in round one! In the finals, Schultz had the reaction time advantage and won a double breakout by just .047.

For the Jr Street category, the final round was between Tyler Burkholder and Logan Somers.  Both drivers left on green, but when Somers hit the finish line in the Fast Freddies side of the track it was under a breakout, handing the victory over to Burkholder. 

Unfortunately for Logan Somers, the Jr Street defeat wouldn’t be his only final round victory snatched away, as in the Jr Advanced final it was Ivan Bollig who took him down.  Both young drivers left with solid reaction times, but a breakout by only .007 ended Somers’ chance of victory, taking Ivan Bollig into the Mid-West Family Broadcasting Winner’s Circle.

Jr Intermediate featured a final between Paetyn Bremer and last year’s category champion ‘Fastlane’ Logan Dorn.  The pressure of trying to join Nate Bremer (Bike/Sled) in the finals didn’t last long as a red light by just .008 for Dorn sent the Winner’s trophy into Paetyn’s hands.

In a repeat of events 1 and 2, young Brooklyn Hop was able to score a victory yet again—her third in a row in the category. In the finals this time, it was against a red lightning Makayla Valure in the finals.  It should be noted that in the last two rounds of competition, Hop’s crew chief (Super Pro racer/father Jason) was able to send the car to two identical 12.025 passes.  Anybody who has run a slower Jr Dragster knows, that’s impressive!


Congratulations to all of the event champions!

Super Pro

W: Steve Winter ('67 Cougar) 9.962 - 123.40 (9.84 dial)

R/U: Dusty Winrich 10.185 - 132.87 (10.09 dial)

Semis: Willie Grey

Pro ET

W: Mel Knott 9.681 - 137.76 (9.68 dial)

R/U: Joe Marx 10.927 - 121.92 (10.92 dial)

Semis: Dusty Winrich


W: Nate Bremer 7.920 - 164.01 (7.88 dial)

R/U: Jim Remington 8.730 - 146.21 (8.71 dial)

Semis: Jeff Serene, Steph Somers

King of the Hill

W: Morgan McDonough 10.199 - 123.28 (10.11 dial)

R/U: Cole Kennedy 12.659 - 120.00 (12.73 dial)

Semis: Joel Frisch

Street Eliminator

W: Alex Schultz 11.527 - 119.22 (11.56 dial)

R/U: Brandon Crownhart 13.680 - 96.27 (13.75 dial)

Semis: Joe BaDour

High School

W: Jocelyn Millage ('06 Magnum) 14.418 - 96.94 (14.40 dial)

Jr Street

W: Tyler Burkholder ('06 Mustang) 10.009 - 77.73 (9.97 dial)

R/U: Logan Somers ('99 Mustang) 9.842 - 73.67 (9.95 dial)

Semis: Jocelyn Millage

Jr Advanced

W: Ivan Bollig 8.127 - 81.47 (8.11 dial)

R/U: Logan Somers 8.403 - 77.44 (8.41 dial)

Semis: Thomas Konen

Jr Intermediate

W: Paetyn Bremer 8.934 - 72.77 (8.92 dial)

R/U: Logan Dorn 9.019 - 71.80 (8.95 dial)

Semis: Dylan Hanson

Jr Minor

W: Brooklyn Hop 12.025 - 53.57 (12.00 dial)

R/U: Makayla Valure 12.125 - 53.10 (12.12 dial) Semis: Ruthy Ciano


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