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Chassis Certification Reminder

As we indicated back in April, the Chassis Certification that was scheduled for April 25th had to be cancelled due to the Covid 19/Coronavirus Pandemic. Those of you who were/are up for re-certification have been given an Extension. Please see the following link for updated information on the extension dates for Chassis Certifications coming due through the summer of 2020.

We will re-schedule a new Chassis Certification date later in the year when things get back up and running and we get back to a “new normal”.

If you are need of a NEW certification before you are able to race, there are things that can be done to obtain a temporary 90-day certification until an actual certification can be completed.

If you have any questions, please contact Jennifer by messaging on Facebook, email at Jennifer@RockFallsRaceway.Com or call (715)858-0170.

Thank you.


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