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Admission Pricing

Admission: Adults $18, Kids 8-12 years old $13, Kids 7 and younger are free!
Daily Camping: $25.
NOTE: Fee applies to vehicles with sleeping units. For racers attending, there is no fee for the
first sleeping unit.

Breakdown Rain Check Policy

We will go to every effort to complete a scheduled race. However, if a race gets rained out during eliminations, drivers earn points based on the last fully completed round in their category. As an example, if a race is halted at any point after the start, but prior to the completion of round four, all drivers in competition would get points and split payout based on the results from round three. If a race is called after the completion of round one, but prior to the start of round two, payout and points will be split amongst ONLY the first round winners. Anybody who paid a buyback will be refunded in the form of a future credit. Credits for rainouts are as follows: 1) an event called prior to start of time trials will receive 100% credit. 2) an event called after completion of two rounds of time trials but prior to eliminations (or in the case of a test and tune, before the halfway point of the event) will receive 50% credit. 3) an event called after eliminations have started (for test and tune, after the halfway point of the event) will receive no credit. In all cases, the Race Director will make the final decision. All attendees are required to hold onto their credit received at the Main Office to claim credit for a cancelled event. Credits must be used prior to the end of the following race season.

General Rules/Information


  • Alcohol consumption by participating drivers is strictly prohibited. Drivers caught consuming alcohol will be disqualified from their races.

  • No alcohol is allowed in the staging lanes or starting line area.

  • No glass bottles are allowed on track premises.

  • The speed limit in the pit area and return road is 10 MPH. Watch for children, Jr. Dragsters, and pets.

  • No skateboards or roller blades allowed in pit area or staging lanes.

  • Golf carts, ATVs, mopeds, and bicycles are to be used for race support only. No joy riding or horsing around is allowed.

  • Children under the age of 16 (and without a valid driver's license) are not allowed to operate any motorized vehicle. This includes ATVs, golf carts, scooters, and mopeds.

  • Auxiliary pit vehicles should park in Lane 8 or in the dashed (///) lines near the starting line.

  • No engines starting before 7:30 a.m.

  • Background music will stop when racing ends, and quiet time (no motors/music/loud noise) begins at midnight.

Race Procedures
  • ALL safety equipment must be current and unaltered, per the NHRA Rulebook.

  • Absolutely NO Anti-Freeze allowed in your race vehicle's cooling system.

  • Oil containment device required on all vehicles running 9.99 or quicker.

  • Drivers in competition, if for any reason you feel you have the incorrect lane assignment or pairing, stop in the lanes and get the attention of an Official. Once you pre-stage, you have accepted the run and no re-runs will be given.

  • Lane assignments are as follows: Left Lane ODD numbers, Right Lane EVEN numbers. Listen to the PA or Rock Falls Radio 90.9FM for your call.

  • If there is an uneven number of vehicles in line, the first uneven vehicle will receive the selected lane and the second vehicle will be moved to the other lane.

  • Round Robin! Once the call has been made for Round Robin, you will have 15-minutes from your class's last pair turning off of the track to return to the staging lanes.

  • Competitors, please stay in your assigned lanes all the way to the front of the staging area.

  • All Semi Finalists & Finalists: lane choice will be determined by a coin flip regardless of what lane you pull up in.

  • All eliminators will be given two time trial sessions or qualifying runs. The number of time trials may vary based on weather or other special circumstances.

  • Time trials will be run by category and to completion prior to moving to the next category.

  • No driver may change vehicles once eliminations have begun.

  • A driver may change vehicles before eliminations have begun, as long as the new vehicle is not entered in the same category.

  • A driver's dial-in must be on the vehicle for all racers, track personnel, and spectators to see. The dial-in must be visible on the right-hand side of the vehicle by the time the driver leaves the line in front of their respective staging lane. Once a driver has pre-staged, you have accepted your dial-in.

  • It is the sole responsibility of the driver to check their dial-in before pre-staging. AutoStart is used at Rock Falls Raceway and once one car has pre-staged and the other car has staged, the countdown for AutoStart is on and the second vehicle has 10 seconds within which to stage. If the 2nd driver does not stage within this 10 second time frame, the 2nd driver will be timed out. No re-runs will be made if this occurs. Once both cars have pre-staged, it is a race.

Point Series Rules
  • Enrollment for the 2024 Gold Rush Point Series must be done prior to competing in your first bracket race of the 2024 season. All Rock Falls Raceway members must have a NHRA Competition Number or a Rock Falls Raceway permanent number in order to earn points. 

  • Drivers in all classes are advised to purchase a NHRA competition number and NHRA membership. If a driver chooses not to purchase a NHRA number, Rock Falls Raceway will assign you a permanent number once you have purchased your RFR membership. Click here to see all benefits of NHRA Membership.

  • A driver's points are earned according to the number displayed on the vehicle. Should a driver change vehicles during the season, his or her permanent number must be on the vehicle.

  • All numbers and dial-ins are to be displayed on the passenger's side of the vehicle. The numbers have to be as bright and legible as possible for the tower crew.  Prior to pre-staging your vehicle, it is the responsibility of the driver to make a final check of his/her dial-in displayed on the scoreboard.  If it is incorrect, the driver must get the attention of the starter or starting line official and indicate to them a wrong dial-in - do not pre-stage.  There will be no reruns granted for an incorrect dial-in after the driver has prestaged.  

  • Points will be given in all ET Series categories at all 10 Bracket Race events.  Points are not given to these classes at Fun Races. The year end points total will be based on your best 8 of 10 races.

  • A driver may not drive more than 1 car in the same eliminator.

  • Points will be awarded to the driver and category. They may not be transferred to another category.

Important Tech/Safety Updates
  • All vehicles running 9.999 or quicker or 135.00 mph will be required to have a NHRA accepted Engine Diaper or Lower Engine Oil Containment Device.

Guaranteed Payout for Super Pro & Pro ET Classes

Super Pro:  6.00 to 11.99 (Delay Boxes & Throttle Stops ALLOWED)

Pro ET:  8.00 and 13.99 (NO Electronics Allowed - NO delay boxes, stutter boxes or throttle stops).  Two steps okay.

Motorcycle/Sled competitors are allowed in all relevant categories. Must follow Motorcycle/Sled rules.

​Payout is as follows:​

Winner:                $2,000
R/U:                     $900
Semis:                 $375
5th Rd. Winner*:     $225
4th Rd. Winner*:     $150
3rd Rd. Winner:      $75
2nd Rd. Winner:      $50
(* If Needed)

Guest Code of Conduct

Rock Falls Raceway is fully committed to providing our race fans affordable family entertainment in a safe, comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere.

Guests are required to take responsibility for their behavior in order to insure they are not interfering with the enjoyment of others.  Guests are specifically required to refrain from the following:

  • Behavior that is unruly, disruptive or illegal in nature

  • Foul or abusive language or obscene gestures

  • Interference with the event

  • Failure to follow instructions of stadium personnel or law enforcement.

  • Verbal or physical harassment of others including all fans, participants, officials and staff.

  • Theft or vandalism

  • Engaging in any of the above code violations in any areas outside Rock Falls Raceway that are owned or operated by Rock Falls Raceway or its affiliates.

Campfires are allowed above ground in the pits. Firewood rules are the same as state laws - all wood must be from within 60 miles of Rock Falls Raceway.

Washrooms and showers are open all night on race weekends.

All pets must be leashed at all times. All pet waste must be properly disposed of.

If these rules are not followed, patrons may be asked to leave the property.

Single Event Ticket Vouchers

New in 2023, Rock Falls Raceway is now offering single event ticket vouchers. These tickets can be purchased at any time and are valid at any Test & Tune, Bracket Series Race, Muscle Car/Motorcycle Race, Import Race, or on Racer Appreciation Weekend.

To purchase single event ticket vouchers, please click here.

Racer Rules
Guest Info
Single Event Ticket Vouchers
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