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McDonough Claims King of the Hill Championship

With a season of racing under his belt, Morgan McDonough took fight for the season championship.  When the dust settled, McDonough found himself on top.

McDonough, out of Lonsdale MN, rolled into the 2023 season looking to learn more about the ins and outs of racing. Said McDonough, “I raced a couple of times in 2022 and felt like I got the basics down quickly.  After 2023, I felt a whole lot better!” McDonough enjoyed a strong start to the season, going deep rounds at the first two events.  After a bit of a mid-season slow, the back-to-back races in August turned the tides. McDonough raced through nine consecutive competition rounds of racing without a losing timeslip to leapfrog second place Dan Crownhart and take the lead.  A few weekends later, McDonough sealed the deal and took the championship in the King of the Hill category.

A natural talent if there ever was, McDonough enjoys every facet of the racing experience.  In addition to the adrenaline rush from the competition, when asked about his favorite part, McDonough responded “The community and members of the racetrack have made me feel at home, that’s the best feeling.” McDonough has plans to hopefully go pro someday, joining the gear slammers in the Pro Stock category. The McDonough family have had their share of group success too, like on the July 4th weekend event when Morgan and his sister, Claire, shared the winner’s circle together.


Outside of racing and working in the Faribault Aldi’s Warehouse, McDonough enjoys success as a pitcher for his High School team, a sport he’s enjoyed since an early age.  Additionally, McDonough finds time to enjoy the arts, drawing awesome sketches of different cars.


McDonough spoke highly on his family’s support through all of his racing adventures. “My family has been by me since day one. No matter how the passes, days, and weekends turned out, I received unconditional love and support from them. Everyone works their butts off to make sure things run as smooth as possible; or when things went bad, ran while limping! I’m so fortunate and thankful to have the opportunity to race with my incredible family, and wouldn’t have asked for any different situation.” In addition, McDonough sent a special shoutout to ‘Grandma’s Kitchen’ as a sponsor.  Don’t know the story? Find their family in the pits at Rock Falls Raceway and find out! Congratulations to your 2023 Rock Falls Raceway King of the Hill Champion…Morgan McDonough!



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