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Spring Muscle Car & Motorcycle Sees Fresh Faces in Winner's Circle

Cinco de Mayo's festivities at Rock Falls Raceway included a plethora of the baddest muscle cars and motorcycles across the midwest converging to fight for glory on the quarter mile. With hundreds on property, the dust settled to showcase Rudy Suchy (Bracket Advanced), Ken Drayna (Bracket Intermediate), Sue Rud (Bracket Novice), David Johnson (Motorcycle), and Mikey Amos (Gambler) standing in the Mid-West Family Winner's Circle. Make sure to come back June 2nd when we do it all over again with the Summer Muscle Car & Motorcycle event!

In the Advanced category, Rudy Suchy of Phillips WI went through find rounds of competition before lining up alongside Brett Schutz of Golden Valley MN. Suchy's trusty '64 Chevrolet Nova left hard on the line, but it was over before it began with Schutz turning it red by .001. Suchy cruised to a 9.25 on the 9.24 dial before making his way to victory lane.

For the Intermediate category, it was a batle of Camaro's in the final with Ken Drayna, Zimmerman MN, and Darren Anderson, Marshfield WI, lining up to claim the trophy. Both drivers had been dynamite on the tree through the previous four rounds of racing, and the excitement got the advantage of Anderson who turned on the dreaded red light to hand the win to Drayna. Of note, Drayna's reaction times through the last few rounds of racing were .009, .033, .008, and a .013 in the final!

Bracket Novice featured a group of 13 racers who were new or had limited experience in bracket racing. After a brief coaching session prior to first round, all racers lined up to taste the experience of competitive handicap racing. In the final round, it was Sue Rud of Mondovi and Derek Dotseth of Le Sueur MN doing battle. Both drivers launched off the line separated by only .02, and in a margin of victory separated by just .07 seconds, Rud turned on the win light to collect her trophy. Congratulations to all of the Bracket Novice drivers for giving it a chance!

The two wheeled terrors of the motorcycle category took to the quarter mile for competition. In the final, it was David Johnson of Otsego MN lining up alongside Kevin Kadinger of Colfax. Johnson's Hard Tail black beauty launched hard off the line, and ran down to a 11.049 on his 11.00 dial to claim victory.

Finally, it was the Gambler race. Racers from the day put in $20 to race for fame and glory on the dragstrip. After four win lights, the final was set between Mikey Amos of Chisago City MN and Dillon Draper of Newport MN. Both drivers were coming off stellar reaction times in the semis finals, but in the finals it was Amos with the reaction advantage to take a holeshot victory!

Congratulations to all winners at the Spring Muscle Car and Motorcycle Event!

Bracket Advanced W: Rudy Suchy ('64 Nova) 9.256 - 145.42 (9.24 dial) R/U: Brett Schutz ('69 Nova) 11.253 - 98.38 (9.12 dial) Semi: Zach Stenger

Bracket Intermediate W: Ken Drayna ('88 Camaro) 12.504 - 106.47 (12.47 dial) R/U: Darren Anderson ('71 Camaro) Red Light Semi: Chris Moore, Matt Walch

Bracket Novice W: Sue Rud ('68 Nova) 12.562 - 107.38 (12.50 dial) R/U: Derek Dotseth ('20 Challenger) 12.117 - 114.95 (12.00 dial) Semi: Aaron Erisch, Jeff Peterson

Motorcycle W: David Johnson ('03 Hard Tail) 11.049 - 108.03 (11.00 dial) R/U: Kevin Kadinger ('04 Yamaha) 11.942 - 110.56 (11.60 dial) Semi: Dillon Draper

Gambler W: Mikey Amos ('03 S-10) 10.522 - 124.79 (10.45 dial) R/U: Dillan Draper ('02 Ninja) 9.631 - 140.88 (9.56 dial) Semi: Mike Gautsch




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