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12th Annual Dan Drevnick Memorial Race - August 9th

Just a friendly reminder that Sunday, August 9th will be the 12th Annual Dan Drevnick Memorial Bracket Drag Race.

In honor of the Dan Drevnick Memorial Race, his father, Ken Drevnick, will be adding bonus money in all 4 categories (Super Pro, Pro ET, King of the Hill and Street Eliminator) to the Winners & Runners-Up.

Specialist Daniel Paul Drevnick joined the Army National Guard in 2005. After completing both basic and advanced individual training at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, he became an MP with the Military Police Unit assigned to Stillwater, Minnesota.

Dan wanted to be a Minnesota State Trooper. During his time as a MP in Stillwater he continued his education, in pursuit of this career goal, by attending the law enforcement program at Century College. He also applied his skill and knowledge of cars at a local mechanics shop.

On March 2, 2009, Dan was deployed to Basra, Iraq. He was full of life with a socially-gifted spirit. In fact, he had the ability to befriend all—from the new guy to the salty old Sergeant. His comrades said Dan was always there for them: to listen, to boost morale, and to get things done.

On July 16, 2009, a hostile rocket was launched into Dan’s compound. In the attack, three American Heroes died: Specialist James Wertish, Specialist Carlos Wilcox, and Specialist Dan Drevnick.

It would be Daniel’s hope that his mission of service not end on that fateful day. The Daniel Drevnick Memorial Fund was established so his legacy lives on.

The Dan Drevnick Memorial Fund has awarded 127 scholarships to actively support Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa military members, their spouses and children through the availability of financial scholarship assistance.



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