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Perseverance Nets Championship for Chris Kunshier

Drag racing seems like such a simple task.  Cut a good light, run close to your number, and turn on win lights. But that only tells a part of the story.  Getting your equipment to the facility, onto the track, and making those passes tells the rest.  For your 2023 Super Pro Champion Chris Kunshier, the details make the story great.


In the 2023 season, Colfax WI’s Chris Kunshier found deep success at a handful of events to propel himself into a nice points lead.  Entering the final weekend and a early exit on the final points day due to parts failure, Kunshier found himself on the ropes before second place Dustin Winrich, of Cornell WI, lost in third round to secure Kunshier the championship.  With six other racers having a mathematical chance at the championship, Kunshier was left standing in the number one position.


Kunshier’s racing lineage goes deep at Rock Falls Raceway, his family began racing in 1971 with his father Bud. Chris having been a competitor since 1990 at the age of 16.  In fact, at Kunshier’s very first event (1990 ET Finals), he took the family’s Nova into the gambler's winner’s circle! Since 2011 though, he’s wheeled a trusty 2008 American Dragster.  “Everything for me revolves around racing.  We build our own engines and transmissions and always try to bring the best we can afford to the track it might not be the most expensive but it will win races” said Kunshier. “Racing with my family is the best thing to me.”


Outside of racing, Kunshier has no interest in hobbies.  “I tried doing other stuff, but none of it gives me the thrill that racing does.  Being able to go to the track and hang out with my family and friends is the passion that drives me.  The off-seasons are the worst!” We know that feeling, Chris! While Kunshier loves all things bracket racing, he said that given the chance he would love to pilot a Pro Mod or Pro Stock car for the thrill of the speed! Kunshier’s season highlight was a tie between competing at the Summit ET Finals as Rock Falls’ Super Pro Race of Champions representative, and watching his son Tim getting married in June. 


Kunshier’s season was everything but smooth.  Through events that saw damaged parts and having a racing friend lend his car for Kunshier to compete, Kunshier talked immensely about the community at the track.  “This was a challenging year, and to come out on top is amazing. It would never happen with out my track family's efforts. Having the support of CBS Squared, Robyn, Tim and Madelyn, and my Hero my dad (Bud) as well as the entire “family” of racers at the track is the best.  I can’t wait to get back out in April and do it all over again!” Congratulations to your 2023 Rock Falls Raceway Super Pro Champion…Chris Kunshier



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