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ET Racing Series Race 4 Results

With no rain to worry about for Sunday’s racing activities, the action was full tilt from the start! Congratulations to Craig Shultz (Super Pro), Dale Hildreth (Pro ET), Jim Remington (Bike/Sled), Darren Anderson (King of the Hill), Joe BaDour (Street Eliminator), Jocelyn Millage (High School), Logan Somers (Jr Street), Thomas Konen (Jr Advanced), Dylan Hanson (Jr Intermediate), and Hayden Hanson (Jr Minor)! Be sure to visit with us again at the next ET Racing Series weekend, scheduled for July 12 – 14.  Congratulations to all winners!

Super Pro’s final round found Craig Shultz and Dusty Winrich set for battle.  Shultz, out of Chatfield MN, ran off a string of .00 reaction times to bring his ‘Shorty’ dragster into the finals, while Winrich entered his second of the weekend.  When the dust settled, Shultz took the win with a .019 PACKAGE to box out Winrich in the final.

In the Pro ET category, it was Dale Hildreth and ‘Big Block’ Shawn Anderson set to do battle.  Anderson did a great job driving the stripe, only taking eight thousandths of a second, but needed to take two, breaking out and sending River Falls’ Hildreth into the Winner’s Circle.

For the Bike/Sled final, Jim Remington of Forest Lake MN turned on one more winlight than the day before, taking victory over Steph Somers’ Artic Cat in a holeshot victory.

King of the Hill featured two awesome racers in Marshfield’s Darren Anderson and Holmen’s Jacob Shepard.  Both drivers had been dynamite all day in their driving abilities, but unfortunately for Shepard a red light ended the race before it began, handing Darren Anderson the victory.

In Street Eliminator, Joe BaDour and Tim Meirick set up for battle in the final round.  BaDour, out of Eau Claire, took the reaction time advantage and won by running a 13.12 on his 13.05 dial-in.  The day was special for the BaDour family with wife Tiffani making it to the semi-finals of King of the Hill as well.

Jr Street had a flashback to Saturday’s event with Logan Somers and Tyler Burkholder lining up alongside each other again to see who would get the victory.  Unlike Saturday, Somers launched with a stellar .028 reaction time and drove his way to victory!

In Jr Advanced, it was Thomas Konen and Skylar Bremer in the finals.  Konen, your incoming points leader, leaped out to the starting line advantage before running one above his dial-in (7.955 on the 7.94) to cruise to victory.

The Jr Intermediate and Jr Minor final were special—if your last name was Hanson! Dylan Hanson used a starting line advantage to take victory over Keegan Millage in his final. Then, in the Jr Minor final, it was little sister Hayden Hanson earning the win over Makayla Valure to make it a Hanson family affair! Worth noting, in the semi-finals, young Hayden was able to end the winning streak of current points leader Brooklyn Hop via reaction time advantage.


Congratulations to all winners!


Super Pro W: Craig Shultz ('21 Racecraft) 7.996 - 165.68 (7.98 dial) R/U: Dusty Winrich 10.064 - 131.69 (10.08 dial) Semis: Jack Weiler Pro ET W: Dale Hildreth 9.035 - 145.50 (8.98 dial) R/U: Shawn Anderson 10.004 - 131.56 (10.01 dial) Semis: Darren Eide Bike/Sled W: Jim Remington ('89 Suzuki) 8.762 - 131.63 (8.73 dial) R/U: Steph Somers ('17 Artic Cat) 12.232 - 106.84 (12.23 dial) Semis: Jeff Serene, Nate Bremer King of the Hill W: Darren Anderson ('71 Camaro) 11.200 - 115.00 (10.99 dial) R/U: Jacob Shepard ('99 Firebird) Red Light Semis: Dallas Hanson, Tiffani BaDour Street Eliminator W: Joe BaDour ('69 Camaro) 13.121 - 102.68 (13.05 dial) R/U: Tim Meirick ('69 Hurst) 11.862 - 113.05 (11.89 dial) Semis: Brandon Crownhart High School W: Jocelyn Millage ('06 Magnum) 14.947 - 95.71 (14.93 dial) Jr Street W: Logan Somers ('99 Mustang) 9.896 - 69.13 (9.83 dial) R/U: Tyler Burkholder ('06 Mustang) 9.760 - 79.10 (9.60 dial) Semis: Ellie Lindberg Jr Advanced W: Thomas Konen 7.955 - 80.81 (7.94 dial) R/U: Skylar Bremer 7.982 - 81.34 (7.95 dial) Semis: Claire McDonough, Ellie Lindberg Jr Intermediate W: Dylan Hanson 9.055 - 69.12 (8.94 dial) R/U: Keegan Millage 9.402 - 69.26 (9.34 dial) Semis: Paeytn Bremer Jr Minor W: Hayden Hanson 12.267 - 52.62 (12.20 dial) R/U: Makayla Valure 12.145 - 52.20 (12.10 dial) Semis: Ruthy Ciano, Brooklyn Hop


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